Anti-corruption justice and collaboration in Kosovo: Challenges and recommendations


The author, Sheelagh Brady, is a Senior Security Analyst at SAR Consultancy and has also written the background report to the U4 workshop “Strengthening the role of the Kosovar justice sector in fighting corruption” hosted by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Kosovo Judicial Institute, in Prishtina on 23-24 May this year.

Based on the background research and the workshop, the author identifies three key obstacles that if addressed may have a significant positive impact on interagency collaboration and thereby also the investigation and prosecution of corruption cases in Kosovo: insufficient coordination mechanisms, incoherent institutional design, and lack of trust and incentives to collaborate. To further recent progress in interagency collaboration and to ensure that a higher number of investigations and prosecutions are translated into convictions, strategic action would include:

First, to re-establish a coordination mechanism.

Secondly, to review the mandate of the ACA.

Third, to instill collaboration as a matter of routine.

Link to the publication here:


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